Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sending stuff out

I stopped by the post office today to send a footlocker full of stuff. Giving it a few days head start should mean we arrive somewhat around the same time. Even with all the preparation and documents and paperwork, putting my address in Afghanistan with my name and dropping it off at a post office makes this very real.

There have been a series of sendoff events over the past week, all with different people, well, except for (girlfriend) who attended a couple. In addition we've been at a number of social functions where people have come up to wish me good luck. Along with many of the people whom I have had to deal with. I have not been here (in Pittsburgh) long, and Pittsburgh does have a reputation for not being welcoming to newcomers. While there is much truth to this, I have been glad for my welcome.

I'm packing now, and will leave very soon. If you need my address, send me an email and I'll get it to you. In addition, this blog is being forwarded to one of the social networking sites. If you know me, send me an invitation.
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