Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sending stuff to me

Some notes if you want to send something:

1. CENTCOM General Order Number 1B (surround with quotes when searching on Google) applies. There are a number of items that are prohibited from possession by US forces in theater. Most of the prohibited items do not pass the mommy test either, but if your ability to implement the mommy test is questionable, you may want to look this up.

2. Chocolate does not work very well. Afghanistan is not in the hot, sun-baked desert part of the Mid-east, but the path packages will take will stop through those places.

3. Cookies, on the other hand, apparently work well. Even chocolate chip.

4. Pretty much anything will be shared. However, I have been told that there is a small mountain of candy in the office that is growing at a worrisome rate, so don't send too much of that. Apparently everyone is being good boys and girls and not eating the sweets fast enough.

5. Letters are nice. Especially the written kind that don't force me to log onto a computer to read. And pictures. Printed, crayon, watercolor (but not framed). Original CDs are nice too.

6. Coffee beans. Meaning Starbucks quality or better. The group I'm with shares their care package shipments.

7. I'm told that recent release DVDs would be welcome.
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