Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Toby Keith Live in Concert

A few nights ago, Toby Keith came by to give a live concert as part of a USO tour. The whole base was abuzz for a couple of days leading up to the concert. I went with a young marine officer who is in my office. The concert was SRO, because there were no seats :-)

We got there about half an hour early, and we spent the time talking about life, back home, family, wife/girlfriend (as appropriate). About what our friends think/know about war/military/deployments in general. A lot of the things that makes us human.

The expected sets of songs. Some just silly songs, like the sing-a-longable "I love this bar", raunchy like "A lot less talk and a lot more action". and the patriotic "American Soldier" which always keeps an audience's attention. At the end, the chant went up for an encore "Red, White, Blue" so he sang "Curtesy of the Red, White and Blue," a song that he used to only sing in front of a military audience.

We really appreciated Toby Keith coming out here. Even counting for his coming out to a war zone, there are bigger places to go to, and this does seem like the forgotten part of the world at times. So we appreciated it greatly that he made a stop to our little corner of the world, and gave us a break in the routine.
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