Friday, May 11, 2007

Five days in

So far, five days here. The last leg of my trip here ended at 7AM local time by a 4 engine turboprop, which meant that I was very sleepy (I was doing real good up to the last leg of my trip.) But it was straight to work after a short nap. We were on a mission. The guy I was working alongside was trying to take a short R&R leave and make it to his son's graduation. So I needed to learn his job. Compared to making a son's high school graduation, sleep could wait.

I live in a B-hut, basically a plywood building with a corregated steel roof and plywood dividers for 8 spaces. 8'x10'. Bed and a dresser. But it is light tight, so when everything is closed down, it is dark and you can sleep any time of day or night. Only problem is the birds all wake up around 5AM. Which means I wake up around 5AM.

This leaves plenty of time for a workout. So far my runs have been 3 miles, 4 miles, 7.5 miles, 5 miles, 7.5 miles. Tomorrow is going to be an off day.

I have not done any serious birding yet. But so far I have:

House Sparrow/passer domesticus
Oriental Skylark/alauda gulgula
Pied Bushchat (?) / Saxicola caprata

As well as several that I have not pulled off ids on yet.

Thanks for reading.

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