Sunday, April 22, 2007

Checking in

Last two weeks have been lots of prepwork and doing visits since I got my orders. Last week was the doctor/dentist/lawyer visits. Lots of fun. Next week I get pocked and popped some more. Then just waiting for the paperwork.

Now that it is pretty much definite that I'm going, I've been having to tell a fair number of people. I imagine that means I'm connected and actually have some reasonable set of responsibilities outside of work and relations. Reactions have run the gamut, from asking if there was "any way you can get out of it" to "I was in the service . . ." Lot's of people have been telling me of being a military brat at one point. A few sons and daughters in the service. Lot's of "good luck and stay safe." And "we want to see pictures and hear stories when you get back." Back when I was in grad school, I was at one of those soon to be starting career workshops at my professional society. One of the speaker (Michael Trick of Pitsburgh) made the plea for stronger participation in social networks. I imagine he would look on my initial progress in Pittsburgh and elsewhere as reasonably satisfactory.

Well, my checklist is mostly filled in. Only a few more items, most of them completely out of my control. A few scheduled for the next couple of days. Not much longer now.
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