Thursday, April 03, 2008

White Night, book 9 of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

By this point, Harry Dresden, the protagonist, has more responsibility in the form of Molly, who is in the same position he was at the beginning of the series. In probation. The threats are bigger, and with the responsibility of training someone else in discipline, his own discipline is improved.

You see Harry growing through the series. His earlier self-destructive attitudes of always protecting others, even from knowledge of danger, is slowly going away. And he has learned how to ask and receive help, and he finds out many of the people he used to try to protect, are quite competent in their own ways.

The growing sense of trust and learning to depend on others shows considerable growth, which makes this book a delight to read, and watching him engage the dangers and obstacles along the way that much more interesting.
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