Saturday, April 26, 2008

Art in the City - Pittsburgh April 25, 2008

Friday night was the first Pittsburgh Cultural District Gallery Crawl of the summer.  And I had tickets for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for that night.  Ingredients that promised a fun evening.  

One of the fun things about the Gallery Crawl is the sheer variety of exhibits.  There are the usual film projects, photo projects of various kinds.  A few musical acts (I think if anyone can sit through a steel drum performance without smiling they should be checked for a pulse.)  But I really remember the cross media pieces.  At Trombino Piano they had sculptures up, made of piano parts! 

Piano parts

Hammers in colors

Over at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute they had some food.  I was so happy that they gave the chili a bit of kick to it, like chili should have.  And they had a centerpiece that our local chef's in training do for fun.

All this followed by a concert with the PSO.  And even here the variety continued.  From the strident brass of Hindemith's Concert Music, to Chee Yun's violin singing with the orchestra on Mozart's Concert No. 3, the sheer range and variety of the night was something to be enjoyed.

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