Saturday, April 26, 2008

New spaces

Moving is a funny thing. First, there is the shock of packing all of your worldly possessions. And if you do it right, you end up with everything you own in boxes in one room before the movers (hired or friends) show up. And you get something that looks like this.

All my worldly goods

Maintenance staff trying to be helpful: "Let me reserve the elevator for you"
Me: "I don't need it, I'm on the first floor"
Mover: "Good!"

Movers after going through my apartment to "see what we are in for": "He's ready. You should give classes on packing to our customers"

Quote (Movers and maintenance staff watching another moving truck come by): "good thing we got here first" (to get the spot next to the door to the outside)

Loading the truck was fairly easy. We had to take apart a bed that looked like it would fall apart if we picked it up. And I had a lot of camping stuff in bags that they put into one very big box (which was now very heavy), but other then that, it was just move the whole thing in.

Then we got to the townhouse. Which goes three up + basement

Mover: These things are pretty, but the architects do not like movers.

So the moving in was hard, and we had to take a couple of breaks along the way. Especially after bringing furnature to the top floor

Mover: When you move out, leave the ___ there as a housewarming present

So now, I'm in a new (for me) house. And there is so much space around. I have a nice kitchen that two people can work in without bumping into each other (not that is a bad thing, especially if the other person is nice and soft to bump into :-) )

new kitchen

And lots of room for my Roomba, which used to be restricted to certain areas, to run around.

Roomba at work and play

And I'm sitting here, after a neighborhood run, eating breakfast and listening to the Roomba run around. This is nice.
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