Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ritas on the River, San Antonio TX

Server 1: Hi. C is your server, but she asked if I can get you started. Do you want anything to drink?

Me: Can you tell me about Shiner Bock?

Server 1: Umm, let me ask the bartender about it. . . . Hey, can you come up with words to describe Shiner Bock?

C comes bounding up: Oh, Shiner Bock is my favorite beer, I drink it all the time at home . . .

Server 1: Oh, and (bartender) says

C: Oh, he does not like Shiner Bock, but let me tell you . . .

Earlier that day

Take off. *rumble* *shake* Me to neighbor: That did not sound too good.

Later, a bit before landing: This is that pilot speaking . . . That vibration you may have noticed on take off, one of our landing gear tires blew out. . . We'll be landing in . . . Please take out your safety cards as we review procedures for emergency landing.

I ended up explaining to my neighbor just what does one tire blowing out mean (not much, as long as its neighbor and the landing gear are ok), what the procedure is (the pilot had explained this in detail, but most people did not catch it), and yes, this was more complicated than the normal landing, but not out there on the difficulty/dangerous rating compared to what these fine (young) pilots are trained for, but it would be a good idea to count how many seats are between you and the two nearest exits. It probably helped my neighbors' comfort level that as we approached, the pilot did indeed do a few of the things I had explained in detail.

And of course, lots of joking around on the ground afterwards.

Neighbor on bus from plane to terminal: I wonder why they did not just have all of us get our bags at the plane since we were waiting for the buses.
Me: They probably were trying to get us off the runway. People who run airports get nervous when people who don't belong are wandering on runways. Like these buses that are normally parking shuttles (noticing the helpful placards for people going to/from parking lots on the bus). That is why all these SUVs with flashing lights are playing sheepdog with the buses.
Neighbor: *chuckling* yep, keeping everyone in line.

Man on escalator after I caught a lady with a baby who fell while trying to hold baby and bags: This has been an exciting day, hasn't it.
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