Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does anyone want to play a game?

There is a play by e-mail role playing game that I've been involved in over the past couple years. The guy running it is in England, and he is thinking of getting his setting published. The online games is turning into a playtest, and is now resetting itself to use a new set of rules, Fudge RPG (Wikipedia), which is considered a rules-lite set of rules.)

Anyway, if you are interested in role playing games, or writing fiction (role playing games are essentially interactive fiction), and might be interested, take a look. My character is a fairly low level type, with an established place in his society. The archives are online so you can have a sense of play, which is as much social as combat (actually, you don't have to be a combat type at all to have a place.)

The setting is Kalyr, which is a pre-industrial setting. Information is at the Kalyr playtest site including the current draft of character generation rules and setting information. The Kalyr blog has some entries with samples of play as well as some of the experimentation that he has done using the game (I am in a post on conflict resolution).

And let me know. I can walk you through character creation, and joining up in the game would be an option too.
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