Saturday, May 17, 2008

The world of Google

I'm slowly turning into a Google fan boy. Let's see, what started it all. Well, there was this blog, which started life as semi-secure and compartmentized from the rest of my life, which meant a nice new internet accounts that did not have the account name I've been using since my college days. Then the email address that came with it. But the kicker was wedding planning. Since there are two of us, Google Docs became the way both of us could work on the same spreadsheet or text document and keep track of the changes.

Now, that is not so hard. But wait, there is more. With Google Docs came Google Calendar, because it was just easier to use the same calendar. And it supports .ics files, which meant everything on Google Calendar, was also automatically sent to my Mac at home (and then to my iPod and Palm).

And now that I bought another computer, some other things just help. GMail uses IMAP, which means that every IMAP client logging into the same account sees the same thing, what is on the server. So now I have email on the web, on my Mac, and on my Linux laptop and no problems syncronizing. Google Gears puts everything I have on Google docs saved on my desktop(s) so I can work offline on any machine, and it gets saved and synced to all the others. And all this just works, using Thunderbird on Mac or Windows, iCal on the Mac, and Evolution on Linux.

And I've just discovered Remember the Milk, which works via Google calendar, email, text message, or whatever way I can get something on the internet, and goes out to Calendar, Thunderbird, Evolution, iGoogle, etc. One Todo list that goes everywhere.

This single data store stuff is getting to be nice, especially since I have a particularly disorganized life right now.
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