Friday, March 09, 2018

Parenting month 87: Down for the count

The dominant theme for last month was the flu. Everyone in the family except for the 7 yr old boy went down. He got to use the wedding china and silverware as we had a dedicated version of everything for him to use in a bid to keep him healthy.

Making a Sparkfun Micro:bot (Micro:bit based robot)
How to make a robot
Making a Sparkfun Micro:bot (Micro:bit based robot)
Completed micro:bit based robot

The past winter break was punctuated by projects.  T was working with his BBC Micro:bit. Projects included a pedometer (apparently that is a big thing at school) and a robot.  A does not do projects (3 yr old).  However, she somehow got the idea that Disney movies are real life, and that all interesting activities need to be accompanied by an appropriate song.  So she breaks out into song every now and then and makes one up as we go.

School is rougher for T.  He has good weeks and bad weeks.  Good weeks include moving up in his math level (they have individualizes progress. Bad weeks have assessments (tests) with silly mistakes that clearly involve not paying attention to what he has been doing.

A has started ballet class. However, she has a normal 3 yr old attention span, which is considerably shorter than a class.  So that leads to somewhat less than completely desirable results

Making an arch at the science center

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