Monday, May 19, 2014

A week of siblings: Parenting

Holding little sister

As a mid-month update, our big parenting news is that instead of having an experiment of one, we have an experiment of a pair. We have of course been using books to get T used to the idea that mei-mei (little sister) was coming, and reading books with him about being a big brother, and letting him feel mei-mei in mommy's belly, and helping in the preparations for mei-mei's arrival.
I have to set up the sleeper I made for mei-mei

But with all of this we have always wondered if he really understood it (other than those times where he clearly figured out that having a little sister would mean that there is less for him). Well, now she is here. At this point it is a lot of excitement to have something new and small in the house. One of the most vivid memory he has of mei-mei first night back was of her pooping (for the first couple days, newborn poop is black meconium, and she was pooping during a diaper change so he got to see it.)
 Reading a bedtime story for baby sister

There is definitely an element of excitement. And there are things he can do, like read books for mei-mei. And he likes to take pictures of mei-mei.

Photo shoot in progress

And pictures with his new little sister.
We're having a photo shoot of my baby sister

A recital for baby sister

He has figured out that he now has competition for that scarce resource called mother's time. So we notice that the house is a little louder now with him talking very loudly, making sure he has people's attention. We have him sleeping with daddy every night now (he has never been a good sleeper) and there were a couple nights where he wanted to go with mommy, but that has ended (with the realization that it is very easy to bargain daddy up to five books at bed time instead of only two or three) But, at the one week point, big brother views little sister as a little doll that sometimes makes a bit of noise, and he remains very happy, if very talkative and loud. But mei-mei does not seem to mind either. So far so good.

I love my baby sister
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