Friday, May 31, 2013

Parenting 31 months: The Ego has landed

We made it halfway through the 2 year old time with a very agreeable child.  His goto word when he did not know what he was just asked was 'yeah'.  His version of rebellion was "I do it."  This month, he has learned to appreciate the word 'no' and all of its friends and relations.    This comes along with being possessive of things (i.e. not letting go of his toys), and being generally willful.  Of course, being us, our response is to tease him for saying no for any reason at all.

Grandma was visiting at the first part of the month.  And she joined us for one of our favorite activities: going to a concert.  Fittingly, the concert was based on the book Where the Wild Things Are.

I'm going to a concert with Grandma

This concert also involved a train, which is something T does not get to do all that much.

Riding on the train with grandma

Now that summer has started, and our winter that did not want to leave is over, we are trying to get out more.  Swimming lessons have started.  But T is pretty bad at swimming.  Doesn't follow directions like blowing bubbles on demand or kicking or scooping (forward crawl).  It does not look like he is going to be prepared for graduation to the next level.

He is also highly imitative.  His new favorite toy is Handy Manny, which is based on a cartoon centered on a handy man and his tools.  He has the toolbox with the dancing/singing tools.  And he has enjoyed watching us do projects around the house.  And he likes to help out.  After all, he has Pat the Hammer, Rusty the Wrench, Squeeze the Pliers, and Turner and Filippe the Screwdrivers and he grabs the right tool for the job (ok, I think he sees what we grab and gets his version of it).

Riding on the train with grandma

Next month.  More projects around the house.  More outings outside (and hiking).  And grandma and grandpa come to stay!

Hiking in North Park in a ring sling

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