Monday, May 06, 2013

Parenting 30 months: Toddler in motion

This past month T has turned into a proper toddler boy. Constantly in motion and talking. Some well used phrases include "I needs a ___" and the related "Is that a ___?" (where ___ is usually food) "Look daddy/mommy" "This way" "go home" (when he is tired). And then his favorite toys "marble run!" "Handy mandy" And some favorite videos "Pocoyo" "fun fun elmo" "three-two-one" (a video that includes a rocket)
 I can play drums on the rail in Heinz Hall
He also has the proper toddler attention span where he switches activities about every minute. We think that this is a result of being socialized at day care. He is having more fun there. He plays with a couple of other kids (who seem to have selected each other on the basis of equal verbal skills). Actually, some of the kids in the day care act like moms and as one of the least verbal kids there, these kids like to act like he is the little brother (I think they do this with any of the less verbal kids) Its funny when I come to pick him up, if he did not notice me come, one of the mommy type kids will announce "T's daddy" and go get him, and his jacket, and maybe other things that he needs to bring home. He is still a very curious little boy and likes to explore. Of course, this seems to be more true when either mommy or daddy are around. One of his latests interests is rockets. He likes to watch rocket launches "five four three two one zero liftoff!" and the Lego set is currently set up as two rockets ready for launch.

Learning how to use a glovebox

The next month highlights will be visits from auntie and grandma, and the end of school for mommy and daddy, which means mommy and daddy school begins in earnest :-)

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