Monday, December 31, 2012

Parenting 26 months: For your entertainment, tonight's concert is . . .

This month T has been learning how to use his voice.  And he practices by singing. Unfortunately, he does not come with a volume control.  But he gets lots of points for singing with enthusiasm.

Some favorite performance pieces include Old MacDonald has a farm and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  But the absolute favorite is Da hai-guxiang.  He has been asking grandma (lao-lao) to sing this for him at naptime.  Now, he wants to do the singing.  And from watching videos he knows that a proper singer needs a microphone, so if he can get hold of any microphone shaped object (markers are the main standby) and an audience he bursts into song.

He also likes reading.  Now, part of the nighttime reading routine is we read a book, but he reads at least one.  Christmas saw the Who is coming to our house? as one he quickly learned most of the words to.  Other books that he reads in part include "Freddie Frog is Hungry",  "Little Pea," and "That's Not My Dinosaur!"   And then there are the books that he reads out loud in full.  "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" and "I am Sam"

My wife has been packing up older toys to give away.  He had a fun time going through the boxes playing with some of them, but he has never been all that serious about toys.  When his older cousin visited for Thanksgiving one of his first comments was that we did not have any toys (slight exaggeration, he is only four).  While he does play, we are far and away still his favorite playtime accessory (followed very closely by grandparents).

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