Sunday, December 02, 2012

Parenting 25 months: I can do it

Here is a drum to work with by LugerLA
Here is a drum to work with, a photo by LugerLA on Flickr.
Highlight of the month was Thanksgiving. We hosted my sisters, along with my brother-in-law and nephew. It made for a crowded holiday. It was also a lot of fun as my nephew got to be the big cousin again and we went around to the places we like to play. In particular, we took everyone to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, where T is a frequent and experienced visitor.

The major development this month is a lot more talking. Like most toddlers, it is mostly repetition. And he has taken advantage of many sources of repetition. In addition to the four of us (two of us + my in-laws) he draws from videos but especially books and iphone apps. Especially the books and apps, because of the repetition. We have been surprised by the vocabulary he has picked up that we could find no source except the iphone apps that he likes to play with.

His favorite books are the Little Pea/Hoot/Pig series by Amy Rosenthal. Actually, we let him do the talking when it comes time to read. He does a pretty good job of getting most of it, with the skipping of words declining weekly. What is most amusing is when he is pretty sure what is happening, but does not know all the words, so he improvises. We know what he means :-)

His newest catch phase comes from Potty by Leslie Patricelli. At the end, after a successful potty engagement, the toddler says "I did it!" Somehow, T has also learned "I can do it" along the way, and has started using it at any reasonable opportunity. There are worse phrases a 2 year old can learn, so we don't mind this one.
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