Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Parenting Month 18: Road trip!

This is the letter 'D' Khun Yaa
This month was a month of learning. Learning the alphabet. Learning how to walk better. What animals sound like. And what to call everyone in the house.

And T enjoyed having grandma here (Khun Yaa). It meant not having to go to day care and getting to play at home every day. Of course, good things have to come to an end so in the middle of the month we had a grandparent shift change. One day he wakes up with one grandma in the house. The next he wakes up and there is a different grandma (and grandpa) in the house.

That is a lot of splashing going onThe other significant event was a road trip. We went off to Cincinnati to see S's professor celebrate impending retirement. We enjoyed the trip (with an iPad to entertain T dring the drive there) and T got to interact with more people (who probably have been seeing his pictures on Facebook for the past year). And he was the baby of the gathering, a role he filled nicely.

What is coming up? More time with grandparents. Which means lots of play, but also many lesson plans. Music, alphabet, numbers, exercise, . . .
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