Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parenting: Month 7 - Whole body smiles

Well, maybe a baby can sit still for a second
Grandma and Grandpa left at the beginning of the month, so now there are the three of us, just like a normal family life. Mom is done with school for the academic year, so she is playing the role of stay-at-home mom. (Dad is at a research university, where noone follows calendars anyway.) The effect of having mom home all the time. A very happy baby. Everytime dad takes T out he gets comments on what a happy and content baby T is. Every day we have several instances of the full body smile. In fact, T is even happy when he is sick (which leads pediatricians and nurses to not take this very seriously.)

I want to see what daddy is doingBesides being generally happy, T's dominant characteristic is alertness. He looks around at everything. Hears everything (and wakes up if not already). Tastes his food before deciding if he likes it or not. And it means he does not sleep.

The not sleeping part is exhausting, especially for mom. So we have a generally very happy baby, which is a lot of fun, but no sleep so we're tired.

Baring serious issues (other then lack of sleep and the endless string of mysterious ailments to figure out), the next task is to come up with a sustainable rhythm to this
thing called parenting. Because the next major thing on the way is mobility. That will be fun.
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