Sunday, May 01, 2011

Parenting: Month 6 - Getting ready for this to be real

Visiting the Repetitive Vision room Is this his first fever? How exciting!
- Urgent care clinic doctor

With colic mostly out of the way month 6 was a taste of normal life. Two dates not including T for mom and dad. A social lunch outing. Dad continuing taking T out for a few hours every weekend for some father-son time.

And of course, a first real illness. Including a 103 fever. Calls to the on-call nurse. Multiple doctor and urgent care clinics. Oh, the joys of working with the uncertainty called a sick baby as the diagnosis changes day by day. And the reality, while the baby is sick and not feeling particularly happy, by far and away the parents are considerably more messed up then the baby by the time everything is over.

Playing with mommy at the hotel

As both parents are working through the flurry of activity called the end of the year and graduation duties at their respective institutions, upcoming is the dreaded day we have known would come. The coming departure of the grandparents, whose presence and help has been greatly valued and will be soon missed.
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