Thursday, April 09, 2009

City gives final salute to slain officers

Joined by a dark blue sea of officers from around the region and around the country, Pittsburgh gave its final salute this afternoon to three policemen killed in the line of duty Saturday.

Today Pittsburgh said farewell to three of its own.  On Saturday morning, three police officers were killed in ambush when responding to a domestic disturbance call.  They lay in state from Thursday morning to Friday morning in the City-County building.  Friday, was the memorial service.  Some 30,000 police from around the country and Canada came to provide escort.  Because, as one of them said, 'that is what we do'

Pittsburgh is like many other big cities in the east.  Stable communities whose populations have made a stake in their city.  Including affirming those of their own who take on the badge and pledge to serve and protect.  

And so, along with many others, yesterday I was at the viewing along with other Red Crossers.  Like alot of other funerals, this is not about the dead, but about the living.  And their connections and relationships.  So, in addition to the viewing of the body, there was the meeting and greeting of those who have come.  And recognition of those joined by common bonds of relationships, of shared service, and a city we serve.  Along with the formalities, I was introduced to one of the police commissioners (?).  A former board member of the Red Cross.  Because we are two people sharing our duty to serve our city.
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