Sunday, April 05, 2009

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea: Kenya AA "Eagaads" Estate

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We got a bag of the BFC&T Kenya AA "Eagaads" Estate - medium-dark roast this time.  Actually, since the last time I wrote about this roaster we did get a couple bags of coffee from other sources (meaning other coffee shops).  And one thing we've decided, we apparently have the taste buds that can appreciate the difference between a a good roaster and your standard coffee-shop coffee. 

[Digression]:  I regards Starbucks like I do lots of other things I use, the bottom end of good quality.  This tends to be a sweet spot on the quality/price curve.  A very good place to be until I decide that is a part of my life I want real good quality, and then it is a starting point.  No, the beans we got were not from Starbucks, but they were in the general neighborhood as far as quality is concerned. [/Digression]

We've brewed this a few times.  Mostly drip (we've been busy).  This morning I used the French press at 6 min.  Very happy with it.  It was richer in flavor then the beans we have gotten from other sources (presumably dark roasted, although it was not specified), and we like the medium-dark roast better then the BFC&T medium-light roast (enough subtleties for us, and the press time we need to get the flavor we like for medium-light is at the point when more bitterness comes out of the bean.)

Next, we are waiting for BFC&T to get their Guatamalan again.
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