Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Booknerd stuff

I just put in a first batch of books into Goodreads. So, where did I start (anyone who has seen my apartment or looked at my boxes when packing to move realizes that this is a serious undertaking)? I started with all 36 books that I have reviewed on Bookshelved

One thing that means is for this first batch, I have real reviews actually written up. So I'll probably get them moved over to Goodreads soon, and I'll actually have content.

Anyway, this sort of stuff is somewhat more valuable if people I know were on it. In particular, people who read books that I may like. So, if you read things about:

current affairs
science fiction
computer (programming and software design)

Well, it would be nice to see you on it. (oh, yeah, most of my book club is already on there. No, we do not read books on any of the above topics in my book club.) Oh, and invite me :-)
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