Monday, October 01, 2007

Book social network: Goodreads, Shelfari, iRead, LibraryThings ??

Something that caught my eye, social networks for reading. Ok, what first got me was my fellow book club members inviting me onto Goodreads. And Goodreads is on Facebook as well. Now, in the past, I have put my book reviews on Bookshelved. But I don't actually know anyone else on there in real life. And there is a rather high effort required to enter a book (you have to create a page on a wiki. And I feel obligated to write something somewhat serious.) But these networks with their automatic linking to other people that you know seems to be interesting.

So, all of you book readers, question: Are you on one of these networks and are you putting up book reviews (either star ratings or actual reviews)?

The big ones I've found are Goodreads, iRead, LibraryThing, Shelfari. Of these, iRead is ONLY on Facebook (a big negative to me). Goodreads and Shelfari can be subscribed separately from Facebook, but can be integrated. Goodreads also has a widget like Flickr does to put a sidebar on a web site like Blogspot sites. LibraryThings I think has a fee after 200 books (I think I'm going to get above that eventually). And I rather like the idea of Facebook integration.

Right now, it seems I have friends on Goodreads and iRead, but I'm curious as to what other people are doing before I go through the effort of putting books on them.
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