Saturday, August 11, 2007

Word of the Day: Chief's Initiation

Chief: Chief Petty Officer - Senior non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. Position of responsibility and leadership. Expected to be a leader of men (and women), a master of his area of knowledge, and a teacher of skills and traditions. Also noted by the wearing of khaki's instead of dungerees, a sign that you are now a leader who directs other.

Chief's Initiation: Ceremony commemorating new Chief's. A time of solemn recognition. Also a time of incredulity of how some sailor was able to con his superiors into regarding him a person of maturity. Where old salts look at these new guys and wonder if they have what it takes, and put them through many tests of their, umm, endurance, resiliance, intelligence (wisdom? these new guys?) because they want to see just how much these new guys can take. Definitely not something to tell mom all the details.

Usually remembered as one of the happiest days in the guy's life.

Congratulations Smokey!
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