Sunday, August 19, 2007

Independence Day!

August 19th is celebrated as Afghanistan Independence Day, when Afghanistan achieved full independence from Britain. It is probably a testament to the attitude towards things that Britain tends to celebrate along side its former colonies during their independence day celebrations, even when the actual event was not exactly love and kisses.

The usual parades of armed power. And speeches. The week has been one marked by honesty in public. President Karzai talking about the importance of education. Rather strange for a President of a country that is covered in war and conflict. But

Karzai said the Afghan people must be ready to make sacrifices for the country's freedom, but also need to focus on education.

"Without education, technology and science we will be under the attack of the foreigners," Karzai said. "For an independent Afghanistan, our youths have to get an education."

There is a realization that the end of this is when the Afghan are educated enough to govern themselves. Or my way of putting it, when the children we are putting through school now become the elders and leaders of Afghanistan.
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