Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some of life's little pleasures

  • Picking up laundry and not seeing the plastic bag that indicates you messed up the laundry inventory form (and that your laundry was not done)
  • Finally convincing someone not to press for something that will prove to be completely useless.
  • Finding out that your idea that got shot down at night, was transformed by morning into something pretty good.
  • Having your commander pop in the office and say "do you want to go shoot?"
  • Having your commander say "___ will work his magic" (of course, that means that there is magic that needs to be worked)
  • An ice cream sundae after dinner if you have been very good
  • A cookie after dinner if you were not quite that good
  • Stir fry, made right in front of you for dinner
  • Cup of fresh brewed coffee
  • Looking at your girlfriend's pictures after not seeing her for a month
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