Saturday, July 07, 2018

My current range of workouts.

Earlier, I posted the current state of my home gym.  Since I have been travelling for work and pleasure over the past two months, one thing I have done is to maintain a workout a day. Since I was either in places that really did not support running (a corrections facility, or as DD4 says, a jail), or it was incredibly hot/polluted/raining, unlike my trips in the past my workouts have been in a hotel gym or using exercise equipment/aids I brought along.

My workouts are being informed by two sources. First are the Stack52 line of exercise cards. I have bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, suspension band, and resistance band sets.  Second, is the book by Myatt Murphy, Push, Pull, Swing: The Fat-Torching, Muscle-Building Dumbbell, Kettlebell & Sandbag Program.  So workouts will include exercises that cover upper body push and pull, lower body push and pull, and swing (rotation and core).   So, my workouts have settled into a number of categories.

  1. Bodyweight exercises.  For these, I use the Strength Stack 52 Exercise Cards set.  I draw 5-15 cards from the deck and do those exercises. The nice thing about these is that my kids can do the exercises with me.  This tends to be my light workout or the warmup before a heavy workout.
  2. Self defense testing at the ATA Taekwondo
    Drills before testing.
  3. Taekwondo.  This is either part of a class, or I will do this at home (sometimes with my son). This starts with stretches, then 5-7 Stack 52 cards for bodyweight exercises for warmup.  Then conditioning using a heavy bag (or I will do focus mitt or pad drills with my son).  Then forms/poomsae/kata.  Actually, other than heavy bag, this also tends to be a light workout.  If I am in class, I will often follow up with a light resistance exercises.
  4. Dumbbells.  This workout is a heavy workout.  I structure a workout based on push, pull, swing.   I will do sets in three groups:
    1. Heavy lift.  Deadlifts, Squats, and Chest presses  3 sets of 4-6 (when I am at 6, that is my clue to increase the weights soon)
    2. Mix. 2-3 Exercises that hit different muscle groups.  Changes each time.
    3. Conditioning.  2-3 of  Woodshops, one arm dead clean and presses, two arm swings. This is at 3 sets of 10-12 reps. For the swings, I do 50.  If I can do all three at 12 reps for woodshops and clean and presses, it is time to increase weights.
    4. CAP barbell standard plate and bar storage rack
      Dumbbell plate rack
    TKD gear in the workout room
    Suspension straps
  5. Suspension straps.  I actually use this almost like a conditioning exercise. The big difference between this and body weight is that the suspension straps effectively redirect gravity, so instead of all exercises pushing against the floor, I have some that resistance aims down, some where resistance goes up, and some where resistance is lateral. However, it is limited to bodyweight (with need for stability), so this is a conditioning or cardio workout, not a strength workout.  I will pull out cards from the Resistance 
  6. Rep fitness medium sandbag filling
    Rep Fitness Sandbag
  7. Sandbags/sand kettlebell.  The other two tools of the Myatt Murphy book.  The difference between these and the dumbells is the instability due to the weight shifting, which makes the workout harder for the weight.  I have the sandbag to provide the two handed exercises that I do not have because I do not have barbells, and the sand kettlebell provides variety.  Since the dumbbells are for the heavy weights, I use these for the convenience.  Usually I use this after a light workout (like taekwondo class) where I want to add some conditioning.  With the kettlebell, I will do a set of woodshops, dead clean and presses, followed by kettlebell swings.  With the sandbags, I have not settled on a set. Usually I try two or three exercises from the Push, Pull, Swing book.
  8. Resistance bands.  I have a couple of flat loop bands.  These are more of a workout when I  did not get a workout piece of equipment.  I have not decided if it is worth it for me to get the heavier bands to get a useful level of resistance.

Of these, I probably do the heavy dumbbell workout 2 times a week.  Taekwondo 3 times a week (supplemented by either the sandbags or light kettlebell or suspension straps.  Suspension straps if I need to program in something light.

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