Friday, December 30, 2016

Thailand 2016 Trip anecdotes part 2

  • T playing with a 4 year old Thai girl. They do not have a common language, but one of their games is to whisper in each other's ear. 
  • Realizing that said 4 year old has never colored (with crayons) before.
  • Said 4 year old trying to quiet down A's tantrum by shushing her. 
  • We think that she likes the fact that there is someone in the family compound that is younger than her. 
  • Our go to method for shortstopping a two year old tantrum, get her singing. A sang alot this trip.
  • People on the BTS train offering us their seats because we have young children with us. This happened every single time. (Except Christmas Eve, which is why A singing was so exceptional that night.) 
  • I got a lot of exercise carrying around A in a ring sling.
  • The boys went to see Rogue One. This is T's third movie in a theater.
  • At my father's one year remembrance, T was told to watch the door and greet (wai) everyone who came in, and he did. 
  • T going to the street market on his last morning to give food to the monk, and chatting with the monk after the blessing. 
  • I don't think I'll get used to being greeted by 'sawasdee pii' from professional adults ('pii' refers to someone older, I'm used to using it to refer to older kids, not adults)
  • A likes to pass the time by singing songs she knows from daycare or YouTube videos. Our soundtrack from the vacation is highlighted by Everything is Awesome, the LEGO Movie theme song by The Lonely Island 
  • T passes time by singing songs from school. We are starting to suspect that he is making up lyrics for the songs. 
  • On the trip back, we had to walk a long way between gates to catch a connection, A saying to T "keep walking" (they had been watching Finding Dory on the plane, Dory's catch phrase is "keep swimming") 
  • Waiting at O'hare for the last leg, A was singing and dancing in the waiting area. Completely inappropriate for a 2 year old who left grandma's house over 24 hours ago. 
  • A woke up around 2 AM for her morning concert. Which is when I am writing this.

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