Monday, December 02, 2013

Parenting Month 37: Creative play begins

Here is how I use a screwdriver for a plane
This is a helicopter flying, not a powered screwdriver
This month started to see more creative play, both in re-purposing toys and in story telling.  With toys, we see more storytelling.  At night, he has started playing with his stuffed animals more. Most nights have them interacting in some way.  Other toys, like the powered screwdriver for a plane, become a part of another story line, like a helicopter with a turning rotor that flies.  Another type of creative play is with Lego DUPLO blocks and a marble run toy.  He is starting to put things together (other than just towers), and taking things we make and redoing them (tonight, a chinese dragon got redesigned into a dinosaur).

I need to sit and read my bear book
Reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Storytime has changed too. When we read books, we had always let him jump in and fill in the blanks. The next stage was memorizing the story so he would tell it. But now he does not recite the story, but he has started making up a story to fit the pictures. It is generally loosely related to the book, but clearly different by intention. Another aspect of storytelling is that he will come and just start a story. We have figured out that he takes his favorite TV show (Ni Hao, Kai Lan), and mix and matches plotlines across episodes. It is quite amusing. Especially as any set of available toys may turn into the cast of characters for today's story.

Our regular challenge with the coming of winter is to keep him active, or at least not go stir crazy from being inside. Our Carnegie Museum memberships help here. They provide a good and familiar place to run around and have destinations to go to and activities to look forward to (and we let him have a degree of choice, since he knows what he is doing).

Next up, trying to introduce him to games (Dominos, Chutes & Ladders, and dice are on the list)

All these balloons are for kicking
Running around kicking balloons in the Playground exhibit at the Carnegie Museum
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