Sunday, March 03, 2013

Parenting 28 months: Back to daycare

Clapping for the PSO by LugerLA
Clapping for the PSO, a photo by LugerLA on Flickr.
With the grandparents gone, it was back to daycare for T. And he picked up right where he left off. With full days of crying for the first few days. With time this has improved so he almost enjoys it now. He even says that he wants to 'go to school.'

Day care does have certain consequences. First, he is now sick all the time. They definitely learn to share in day care. And he brings it home. So we have had a sick household this past month. And we have had to skip our usual museum outings (daddy is very unhappy about this).

Some other things that come with daycare and being sick. We've noticed that his attention span has declined. So he does not focus on one thing for extended periods such as a single toy or reading multiple books in succession like he used to. Almost like a normal toddler.

The months seem to settle in a rhythm. Get up. Get him ready for day care. All of us leave the house. Someone picks him up after work. Eat, play, put him to bed. More work after he goes to bed. Repeat. Hoping that he gets better this month.

Via Flickr:
Applause for the Pittsburgh Symphony

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