Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PSO: A life with companions for the journey

It has been a while since I've been to the symphony.  On occasion I get asked why go through the trouble and expense of hearing symphonic music live. Every time I go to a concert it I remember.  It is the richness of the sound, the interaction between the instruments, and the range of the instruments, as they call out and respond to each other.

For this concert was a piece written by a composer with an equally illustrious friend and musician who would play it. There are a few ways this could play out, but with the maturity of age, what comes across is the range of expression.  Some somber, some light and almost whimsical, and some parts bursting with excitement.  And you could see this in Noseda and Dindo on stage. Noseda with his expressiveness ranging from delicate to so much energy I thought he would fly from his podium.  Dindo's feeling in his playing reflected in his expressions showing as he played.

And that is how you hope that friendships will be.  Full of memories, some somber, some whimsical, some bursting with excitement.  Not everything in life should be burdened with the requirement to be deep and full of meaning, but the realities of life's journey means parts of it may very well be, and you want to have friends and companions along the way.  And there are parts of life which do not have meaning beyond the moment, which companions to share in the ephemera.  But even better is when you have companions along the way in both the special and the mundane, in life's milestones and the somber and contemplative parts of life.  Because your relationships should be with people in their fullness, not to be casually cast aside.  And the cello concerto was like that as well, full of the richness of life in its grandeur and the mundane weaved together like a life to be lived will among friends that deserved to be remembered until the end of your days.

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