Sunday, August 12, 2012

Parenting 21 months: Mommy school is in session

Taking a look at a butterfly It is the middle of summer, and with two academics in the house that means mommy school is in full swing. The foundation of recognizing all the letters (upper case) and numbers (1-10) has been well established, now the task at hand are three letter words. In addition to the landing study area, T gets quizzed using the alphabet letters and number we have at bathtime and the letter mats we have in the bedroom. Kidding aside, we noticed that what T remembers are the ends of words and phrases. So when there are words that end in the same letter/sound he gets confused. First letters are not a problem. We also noticed this with letter (that end with the 'eee' sound) and songs (he says the ends of phrases).

Another scholarly activity is reading. He will work through a book and there is a clear correspondence with the words saying and the page that is open. Clearly, this is mostly a result of memorizing the book, but there is some actual reading going on. His favorite is "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?". This was also the first book where he did the page turning while we read, so it is apparently still his favorite book.
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