Sunday, July 01, 2012

Parenting 20 months: Where did mommy and daddy go?

Walking around Toronto Music Garden

This was a month of traveling. First, the whole family went off to Toronto for Auntie J's wedding. Another road trip and use of a passport for our little traveler. First we stopped in Buffalo to visit V and E. And Donut, the resident cat. Although Donut has never seen a toddler before, he clearly understood the dangers of a toddler who was way to happy to see a cat and want to play with. We had plenty of amusement watching Donut scamper away followed by T running after him crying out 'Do! Do!'

Next was Toronto. T was a very good traveller, helped by the wonders of modern technology in the form of an iPad loaded with Ni Ha, Kai-lan and an iPod loaded with the Sound of Music (yes, the Sound of Music is still going strong in this house).

We arrived in Toronto for lunch with M and family, then was the wedding, T's first. He took the opportunity to sign the guest book. Signing the guestbook

He was not so impressed with the ceremony, but he did get to enjoy the dance floor. Watching the guests dance

And he even got to play with auntie J after taking a tour of downtown Toronto before heading back home. Playing with auntie, mommy, and Elmo

But the most momentous event of the month was a different trip. And this was without him. While both of us have travelled without him this was the first trip where both of us left at the same time, leaving him with grandma and grandpa. Because as much as we love him and as good as he is in traveling and going out and about. It is nice to have some time without him.
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In other news, he is talking alot more now. He likes to say 'Hi' (although he is picky on who he says it too). He has stopped gaining weight, but he still has his appetite. Basically he is leaning out instead of gaining weight. I like to think it is because he is getting more exercise. And with all his new experiences, he has lots to say. A baby with something to say sitting in a chair with a croissant and a puzzle
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