Thursday, March 01, 2012

Parenting month 16: Toddler in motion

A journey upwards begins with a single step Oops, missed a month. These past two months have been marked by T moving a lot more. He goes up and down stairs. He stands up and walks around. And he can climb on chairs and couches. And go exploring cabinets and anything else. Definitely have to work to keep track of him now.

I got new shiny clothes Another major milestone is that mommy finally took a trip away without T. So for four nights, mommy got to sleep :-) And when she came back baby, daddy, and house were all intact and reasonably well fed.

That is me playing the piano T is still somewhat lacking in the socialization department. He is the one who is playing alone when everyone else is crowded in one corner at day care. On the other hand, he is ok being in places with lots of other people, he will just ignore them.

On the developmental front, one comment that we have gotten is that he has a reasonably good attention span (for a 16 month old). He will sit through reading books (and we have him trained to take care of turning the pages). And he will play with one thing for a reasonable amount of time.

New things to look forward too. The grandparents are coming, taking shifts over the next 6-8 months. Lots of fun for T. Exercise for grandparents. And mommy and daddy are looking forward to having fun leaving T at home :-)
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