Friday, December 02, 2011

Parenting 13 months: Holidays

Red in Tamatebako by LugerLA
Red in Tamatebako, a photo by LugerLA on Flickr.

Our holiday activity this year was having little auntie visit us from Chicago for Thanksgiving. And she performed the duty of all little aunties and uncles everywhere. She taught T tricks. In this case how to stick his tongue out at people (ps he still did this for days after little auntie left).

S and I have never been much for holidays. S jokes that for her and her friends, the most notable thing about holidays was that it was much easier to get practice room time. And paid gigs. For me, it was mostly a slight pause that let me catch up on things and visits home to see friends.

We're told that as T grows up, this will change as he gets excited about holidays. We'll see.

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