Saturday, April 02, 2011

Parenting: Month 5 - Time to be playful

Very happy baby by LugerLA
Very happy baby, a photo by LugerLA on Flickr.

The major development for the past month? No, no sleeping through the night (Q: how many times does he wake up each night? A: We don't count because it would be too depressing) But he is responding much more to people.

In particular, he likes to smile. And (being the unbiased father I am) I think he has a very good smile (note: only when he tries). This started a month ago when we took our little vacation. And walking around with him at the resort my comment was he was starting to have a smile that looks like someone was drawing a cartoon of a smiling baby. (i.e. draws a round face with a sideways 'D' for a mouth). Every day, we have a lot of fun getting him to make that smile again, starting when he first wakes up (meaning the first time he wakes up after sunrise). Sometimes, it works so well that he forgets that he was fussing at the time (only sometimes, not all the time)Laughing with mommy

Grandpa also notices that T is more responsive. In particular, T is getting much more fun to play with. And grandpa is much better at playing with baby than anything else, so he feels much more confident (he was always worried that T did not like him much).

Taking a walk on a sun-shiny day Now that it is warmer, we are trying to take him out more. Daddy takes him out of the house every weekend without anyone else to for a walk (usually it is at a mall, it is not that warm yet). And we are trying to walk around the neighborhood more. He is still very scared of strangers and crowds. We need to expose him to more people and go on more outings in public (or have more friends come and visit *hint* )

Major event for next month. Grandma and grandpa are leaving soon, after 6 wonderful months here. So we get to find out what real parenting life is like.
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