Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade March 12, 2011

Luke on parade

Today was the Pittsburgh 2011 St. Patrick's Day Parade. And I reprised my role as a ham radio shadow for one of the parade marshals, a member of the Ancient Order of Hiberians. We were at the front of the parade and his day job was with the county, so there was much hobnobbing going around among the politicians and also with the various police and fire pipe and drum groups up at the front. But like other ethnic events, this was about the next generation.

Parade marshals conferring

In addition to the various parade business going around, what is notable are the kids. Obvious babies and toddlers get attention. But what I noticed this time (usually I'm way in the back) were a bunch of older boys shadowing their dads as their dads meet and greet as well as work on organizing the parade. Dads introducing sons to friends also working or marching in the parade, exposing them to those who are in the public eye to recognize them as people and generally teaching them how the world works. And this is how it should be.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Pittsburgh Emerald Society Piper
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