Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Taste of Art: the student run restaurant at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

A Taste of Art
420 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1301
(Note: check website and make reservations as menu and times change over the course of the year)

A Taste of Art is a student operated restaurant at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It is operated by the A la Carte class in the Culinary Arts program. They are supervised by their instructor, who informed us that the students spend the first two weeks of the semester developing a menu, costing it, and deciding on dishes from those created by them that fit the theme chosen by the instructors (this semester is Mexican). By week three, the restaurant opens and students rotate through the positions both in the kitchen and hospitality staff. (the instructor told us that when they first open, the students in hospitality are terrified at dealing with actual customers).

We enjoyed talking with the instructor, who was modeling the practice of hospitality like good owners do.

For the food, we had appetizer, main dishes and dessert. The appetizer was interesting, the dessert wonderful in creativity and flavor (we had Blueberry Bird's nest and Banana cheesecake and something else I don't remember).

However, the main dishes left something to be desired. We had steak salad and beer braised turkey tacos. Both of them were lacking in flavor. Disappointing. We wish the students would be more aggressive in trying something creative.

A fun place for a different lunch in downtown Pittsburgh. Definitely go for an inexpensive meal (entrees $6.50 - $8)
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