Thursday, July 17, 2008

A wedding

My observation from helping out at numerous weddings in a variety of capacities is that weddings are often meticulously planned. Often by a bride who worries over every detail. And fussed over by many helpers, each of which is determined to have their part come out perfect. And the odd thing is, I don't think I've been to a wedding where the bride could actually pay attention to all those very carefully thought through details at the time (which is what pictures and video are for). And in my case, I got married to someone who had the philosophy that the details would take care of themselves. So we let everyone else do the fussing.

And apparently this was noticeable. Several vendors we worked with remarked about how calm we were about things. S's mother (who does not speak english) observed over the month before the wedding that everyone around us were nervous and stressed and rushed, but not us.

And looking back on it, we were so amused about the many little details that just happened to fit nicely, better than we could have planned it:

  • Both mothers shoes matched.

  • Both fathers had the same color tie.

  • The tool frame around the cross and alter was just right. (yes, I now know there are multiple meanings of the word 'tool')

  • Sisters wearing dresses close to the correct color (obviously, they were paying attention

  • The Pittsburgh Opera tenor wore a vest that blended with the wedding colors. (Chambourcin for those interested)

  • Flower girl just happened to have a proper dress.

  • Bouquets and boutonnieres were larger then expected, because the florist was able to get less expensive flowers (because we let them pick the flowers, we [meaning bride] picked the concept, the professionals handled the details and could pick something that was priced low for the day)

  • Tables seemed to match for good conversations (the first cut at table assignments was done alphabetically)

  • Bangkok Balcony and Silk Elephant were able to properly show off with the appetizers and rehearsal dinner.

And the required memorable events:

  • Amy Marshall tuning the piano the day of the wedding on one day notice, juggling her Saturday schedule to make it happen, because that was one detail we thought was important for us to fuss over.

  • Everyone waiting for the bride to come in. And waiting. And waiting. (one of the groomsmen had the assignment to get the groom to church. Noone seemed to have had the assignment to make sure the bride could get into the church.)

  • Waiting to take pictures at Marshall Island, North Park, and looking at the clouds coming in.

  • Boy coming out in hotel lobby, running to the eagerly waiting bride and groom, and swerving away from a hug at the last minute.

  • The bouquet toss into the light

  • The groom removed the garter in a proper manner

  • Homemade wine

  • Playing the piano, after ___ ___ of wine

  • Bride and groom stranded at the hotel, trying to bum a ride.

  • "You can dance!?"

  • Large group of girls on the dance floor, with one, obviously very worthy, little boy.

  • "Are you going to church tomorrow (Sunday)?" "No!"

  • The rainbow after the thunderstorm

Many thanks to Linli and Jim for pictures. More pictures are here:
Louis and Sha pictures by Linli
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