Monday, February 18, 2008

Coco's Cupcakes

The first time I went to Coco's Cupcakes was not long after it opened last winter.

The CoCo's spirit

A cute little place on Ellsworth, sparse, friendly, and inviting. Oh, they have good cupcakes.

Cupcakes on a table

Anyway, not very long ago was Valentine's Day. And, well, my fiancee and I have not ever done anything on Valentine's day. Which is not something either of us is in a particular hurry to change. Neither of us is particular focused on particular days of the calendar, whether it comes pre-printed or of our own doing. Which does occasionally result in some comment, like when my fiancee's department secretary asks her on February 14 what plans she has (none) and does seem to be slightly disappointed.

So, Saturday, February 16, I come up to her office with a box.

A nice long box with a ribbon

And a bunch of her co-workers were there (a bit of a project that weekend). And I believe they were looking on approvingly. So today, Monday my fiancee gets asked

'Did the roses help?' (she was complaining about being worn out from the weekend)

Umm, roses? Now why would I give my fiancee roses?

Stuff inside long box with ribbon

And yes, the answer was in the affirmative, the cupcakes helped.
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