Monday, March 26, 2007

Initial reactions


  • Did you volunteer?
  • How did you get suckered into that?
  • I wish I could go. If I were only younger/not married/without kids.
  • Cool, you get a chance to be part of history.
  • Exciting (new staff member)
  • You know, if you need help like this in Afghanistan, I can't come out to help
  • you (support staffer).
  • Let me know if you need anything done here.
  • I bet your mom is not happy again.
  • You're going to Afghanistan? You need to talk to ____ (this is a very common
  • response to a statement of any type at work)
  • I'm coming in ___. Hopefully we can get together.
Volunteer organizations colleagues
  • I hope you volunteered
  • That gives you alot to think about
  • I have a soft spot for all our boys who deployed (guy who went to Desert Storm)
  • I heard you are going on a trip.
Shooting range
Keep your eyes open and head down.

Pittsburgh Symphony
  • I wish you the best of luck with and safest journey to Afghanistan.
  • Good luck, you're a truly remarkable human being
Churches (Chicago/Pittsburgh)
  • Can you get out of it?
  • Do you get to carry a gun?
  • When we say "support the troops," we don't mean actually go.
  • What is ___ (girlfriend) going to do?
Asian groups in Pittsburgh
  • Stay safe, and keep us informed
  • He's a scholar and they're sending him to Afghanistan!
  • What does ___ (girlfriend) think about it?
  • You are going to have such an adventure!
Amateur radio volunteers
  • Been there, done that in my time.
  • Stay safe.
Book club
  • Stay safe. I know you have a lot of people are helping you, but if you need anything done here, let me know.

Former co-workers
  • Remember, duck, and duck faster.
  • You always go to such interesting places.
  • Go to a carnival and practice at the duck shoot. That way you get a prize if you hit something.
  • I'll be with your mom in the worry camp.
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